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Strategic Planning

We are a highly-skilled and experienced team focused on getting results for our clients. We help companies get the results they need from the government and from the public. Our leaders represent proven talent with backgrounds in business, government, research, associations, advertising, and technology.

Our team has experience and connections in the top levels of government in Canada. We have worked in the Prime Minister’s Office and with election decision makers in provincial governments across the country. We help companies navigate the often confusing world of government relations and help them turn government from an obstacle into a partner.

In Canada connecting with government is not enough on its own. Public opinion must be swayed as well. We help companies measure the issues that matter to them, and then provide public relations and marketing solutions. Need to understand how the public views your company or your industry so your marketing messages work? We can do that. Need a brand or a website for the Canadian market? We can do that. Need to get the Canadian media to cover your company? We can do that.

The reason we are called ONE is that we bring all these skills and solutions together for you in one single service provider. By working across disciplines we can provide solutions to entire challenges companies face, not just parts of them.

ONE also has extensive contacts and experience in different industries across Canada. We can use this network to introduce companies to potential clients and service-providers including lawyers. We have experience working in the following industries:

  • Energy and Mining

  • Technology

  • Medical

  • Retail

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Real Estate


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Terrance Oakey

Government Relations

ONE - Introduction (2).jpg

Hamish Marshall

Public Relations & Research

ONE - Introduction 3).jpg

Jeff Trinh

Northern Narrative

ONE - Introduction (4).jpg

Travis Freeman

Web Development

ONE - Introduction (5).jpg

Brendan Jones

Creative & Design

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